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or harmless fetish. >> on trial, the new york city cop, with ties to maryland, with an accused cannibal plot. >> i'm mary bubala. here's what people are talking about. >> was it a bizarre fantasy or a sinister plot? the trial of the accused cannibal cop began today. and two people are put on the stand. >> reporter: nypd cop, gal berto valle is accused of kidnapping, planning to cook and eat as many as 100 women, including two from the university of maryland, college park. they took the stand today. but both women, including elizabeth sour of germantown said they didn't feel threatened. valle's wife said his late
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nights on the computer drove her to install a hidden camera. she testified, i saw a woman, covered in blood, hanging. i saw a picture of human feet cut off from the body. plans. plans, she testified. i was going to be tied up by my feet and my throat sit. valle's attorney says his online use blames a sick fantasy, not a murder plot. who can blame you, says the defense attorneys, it is the stuff of horror fiction, but like horror fiction, it is not true. >> have you heard him talk about anything like this? >> nope. >> reporter: there's never been any sort of discussion about cannibalism? >> never. >> and a forensic psychologist said this is possible that this was all fantasy. >> typically, the individuals i have encountered that have actually engaged in serial murders or engaged in cannibalism, don't really write
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about it. >> reporter: but prosecutors say valle was ready to act. in evidence, this conversation with a coconspirator. how big is your oven? valle says, big enough to fit in one of these girls if i cut their legs. >> and the most serious is conspiracy to commit kidnapping which carries a sentence of a maximum of life in prison. the trial is expected to last about two weeks. wjz is following a developing story from north baltimore. more than a dozen hopkins employees are hospitalized. the building at 3910 kenz -- keswcc road. -- keswick road. so far, hazmat teams have not found unsafe readings for carbon monoxide and several other types of irtants they would search for. seven people are sick. eight are being treated at hospitals. there are no life threatening conditions at this time. however, wjz will have a new
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update for you at 5:00 and 6:00. wet, messy weather is moving through maryland. and what you can expect depends on where you live. outside now, it is definitely raining. and downpours could get heavy at times. first warning weather coverage begins with meteorologist bernadette woods, tracking live doppler radar for us. bern, i think i heard sleet as well. >> it did start out as a little mix briely before turning overto rain. but out west, it is hanging a little longer. here's how it looks from first warning doppler radar. you can see all of this coming up from the south. and down to the south, you can see heavier bands. this is going to pick up as we head through the evening hours. as far as the watches and warnings go, the flood watch has been dropped. amounts are going to pick up during the evening hours. but below that flood criteria, you see advisories. out to the west, that's where we're still dealing with winter conditions. you can see winter storm warnings in effect for garrett and allegheny counties.
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also, the weather advisory. temperature-wise. this is all in the form of rain. it will remain rain tonight. out west, a different story. and we'll have that forecast coming up. kai? >> and what bernadette is talking about, the store that is bringing the messy weather to maryland, slammed the nation's midsection with snow. randall pinkston reports for wjz, two people have died and tens of thousands are without power. >> reporter: snow plows and sand trucks are clearing roads in the midwest, as drivers cope with the second big storm in a week. nearly a foot of snow has fallen in kansas and missouri. northern arkansas is getting flurries. and the storm has moved into illinois. >> it's getting pretty nasty out here. all of this slush and everything. i'm just hoping it doesn't get up to six inches of slush. >> reporter: forecaster says this snow is the dense kind, so heavy and dangerous it reportedly sent at least eight snow plows in missouri into highway ditches. high winds and gusts of over 60 miles per hour, are pile being up snow drifts.
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this dash cam caught some thunder and lightning in kansas city. officials blamed the storm for three deaths. over 100,000 homes and businesses are without electricity. and many roads and schools are closed. few flights are getting out of airports in the region. chicago's o'hare has canceled more than 150 flights ahead of the storm. it is expected to dump up to 6 inches there. >> residents of oklahoma and the texas panhandle are now digging out. 19 inches of snow buried amarillo, texas. its third largest snow storm on record. the mountains outside of denver got over 2 feet. but there is a bright side. every 10 inches of snow equals roughly 1 inch of rain. and this drought-stricken region desoperator -- desperately needs water. randall pinkston, wjz eyewitness news. >> wjz is always on. for weather watches and warnings and your updated forecast, log onto any time. a teenager charged with
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shooting and killing three classmates at an ohio high school makes a deal with prosecutors. denise is in the newsroom with more on tj lane's plea deal. denise? >> well, mary, in court today, lane pleaded guilty to three counts of aggravated murder. the deal takes the death penalty off the table for murder. a year ago, laying open inside shardon high school, 10 students were hit. three died from their injuries. in court today, lane appeared calm and answered "yes" or "yes, your honor" about the plea agreement. lane was found mentally competent, despite evidence that he suffers from hallucinations, psychosis and fantasies employs he isis-- he faces life in prison. >> lane admits he shot the student but says he doesn't know why. today, maryland officials want approval for police to take dna samples from people arrested for crime.
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28 states. but privacy advocates and others say it's unconstriewcial to take dna from someone who has not been convicted of a crime without a apparent. the justices will make the decision later this year. looking into secret recordings, made by hopkins ob/gyn. dr. nikita levy was fired and later his body was found. they say levy used a pen camera to make some of the recordings and computer recordings were found at his home. police say levy left a suicide note, apologizing to his wife. a military judge refuses to discharges against an army private accused of sending classified documents to wikileaks. lawyers argue their client was denied a speedy trial.
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he's been detained for nearly three years. manning faces 22 charges, including aiding the enemy, which carries a maximum life sentence. his trial is scheduled to start in june. the hospital ship comfort no longer calls baltimore home. alex demetrick reports, after a 25-year relationship, the navy decided to move on. >> reporter: long before dawn, work was under way to get the hospital ship comfort under way. for those who work the dock and watch over it, it was an emotional departure. >> i work with security. and i deal with people every day. and it hurts. it hurts to see them go. >> reporter: in more than 25 years, the comfort has treated soldiers in both gulf wars, as well as civilians and humanitarian missions and disasters like haiti. >> the comfort and its missions have always been a source of pride for baltimore. >> the ship takes pride. may be in baltimore.
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>> the reason it's ending is financial. >> it may save about $2 million a year by putting the ship in norfolk. >> it will also put it closer to the medical staff, who are also in virginia. but the navy saving is baltimore's loss. >> it's bad for our economy. we need them back here. the more ships here, the more money brings into our mort -- ports. >> the crew is taking the comfort out. but those aboard lined the rail and waved. >> the feeling is mutual. >> it's emotional. >> it's family. >> reporter: -- alex demetrick, wjz eyewitness news. >> and they will visit ports in south america on a training mission that will also provide training for those who least afford it. kristy breslin is updating wjz's traffic control.
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>> a lot more difficult. northbound 95. we're already seeing significant delays. they're approaching 32 over to 895. over on the west side inner loop, stop and go there from niche past 70-- 95 past 70. expect traffic to be crawling along from jones falls expressway to harford road. average speed at this point, about 30 miles an hour. as far as accidents go, still plenty of them out there. 175 at reese avenue in the jessop area. anna bel at third avenue. greenmount. and also, harvest road at falls road. let's take a live look. you can see, things are moving very slowly there. let's take another live look. you can see, things are proving at a -- moving at a slick pace. this traffic report is brought to you by the cochran firm. if you or someone you know has suffered a personal injury, call 1-800-the firm. or visit them online at for a free consultation. back to you.
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>> kristy, thank you. still ahead on eyewitness news at 4:00, how pilots in texas are dealing with windy conditions on takeoff and landing. concern grows for a young california couple on a bike tour missing in peru. we just feel that his life was cut short too soon. and it could have been prevented. >> hear more from trayvon martin's parents as they reflect on the year since his death. a chilly, wet afternoon. and there's a chance for some heavy rain. don't miss your updated first warning weather forecast.
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announcer: a little time. a little exercise. a little laugh. a little help. man: he might be in danger of not making to high school this year if he flunks math.
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and we--we just can't have that. announcer: a little bit of your support can make a big difference for matches like these. just ask this high school freshman. start something today at startsomething. it's 42 degrees and raining in central maryland. the complete forecast is coming up. northern texas is getting pounded by a blizzard. but in the central part of the state, gusty winds are the problem. many in this plane had a hard time landing because of
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extremely gusty winds. take a look at it pitching to the left there. pilots were forced to approach the landing strips on an angle to cut down on the turbulence. wow. the unrest in syria shows no signs of letting up. new video emarriages -- emerges. amateur video shows them being shot down by a fighter. you can see it north of the capital city of aleppo. the conflict in syria has been going on for two years now. a couple on a once-in a- lifetime trip. a california woman believes her sister disappeared with her boyfriend in peru. >> reporter: it was supposed to be the trip of a lifetime. jamie and her boyfriend, eric hand, setting out on a journey, riding their bicycles from oakland to south america. >> this she is always doing this type of stuff. riding her bike everywhere.
4:16 pm
>> and the whole family had been keeping in touch. >> she had been keeping in touch via facebook. >> reporter: and now her family is fearing the worst. >> they have been kidnapped and are either being held or something even more terrible has happened. >> reporter: their journey very likely taking them to places with no cell reception. but it's too long for both their families to wait. and now they're reaching out to the state department for help. >> i just want somebody to find my sister. that's it. >> reporter: and praying. the couple is okay. out of touch, maybe, but having the time of their life. >> she can keep having all the fun she wants. gi i just want to know she's okay. >> reporter: and two weeks ago, the u.s. embassy in lima, where the couple was last seen, issued a security warning for americans, saying that a criminal organization may be planning to kidnap u.s. citizens. wall street bounces back a little today. [ stock bells ringing ] >> the markets were not able to
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wipe out monday's losses. the dow was up 16. s&p up 9. nasdaq up 13. let's go to new york, where alexis christoforous has tonight's cbs money watch update. >> reporter: jp morgan chase is cutting 4,000 jobs or about 1 1/2% of its work force. that's on top of the 1200 jobs the bank shed last year. the cuts will mostly in from the consumer banking and mortgages division. jp morgan is just the latest to shrink its staff. goldman sachs and others all trimmed jobs in 2012. better than expected earnings in home depot and macy's, helped stocks bounce back from their biggest sell-off in months. the fed's low-interest policies are giving support to an economy suffering with high unemployment. bernanke also warned that the economic recovery could be derailed if billions in automatic spending cuts are
4:18 pm
allowed to go into effect friday. new home sales rose nearly 16% in january, to the highest level in five years. and a private survey shows home prices nationwide jumped 7% in 2012. lawmakers held hearings on the proposed merger between american airlines and u.s. airways. the $11 billion deal would create the world's largest ail. that's your money watch. for more, go to cbs in new york, i'm alexis christoforous. a message in a bottle travels nearly 120 -- 125 miles in 25 years. whack in -- back in 1987, a young girl sent a note down a creek behind her kentucky home. now, years later, it's been found. a man and his grandson, while helping clean up the ohio river found the note. thanks to modern technology they were able to find the woman who wrote it, through facebook. >> hmm. >> she said she never dreamed
4:19 pm
it would be found. no word on what it said. >> please put this in the trash can. [ laughter ] >> right. like what does it say? i guess it's in bad repair. so they couldn't see it. but that's so neat. i love it. new forms of communication connect us in ways that were never possible. >> amazing. coming up on eyewitness news at 4:00. dire warnings. what republicans are willing to concede to avoid massive tax cuts. a new york man is charged with attacking his wife with a meat cleaver. and the assault is caught on tape. it's raining in central maryland. and it could begin to come down heavy. your updated first warning forecast is ahead. wjz 13 is always on. for the top stories on, for instant updates and first warning weather all the time, click
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pretty raw day out there today. >> it is. >> and not so pretty day. it's gray, it's damp. and that's actually going to continue. the good news with this is we get a quick bumpup in temperatures tomorrow.
4:23 pm
it will come back down. but at least we'll have a day in the mid-50s for everyone who is craving spring already. let's l we'll show you it is still wet outside for most people and will be as we head into tonight. the storm heading up to the south. you can see these brighter materials moving our way. and that's an indication that this is going to pick up at times as we head through the evening. now, this is very border line, as far as the freezing goes. and out west, still pockets of sleeting reported. sleet mixing in at times. and initially here in baltimore, some sleet before changing over to rain. and the wammer air is going to -- warmer air is going to be for most of us. you see the pink still out west. that's the cold air really hanging tough. but you notice down to the south of that. here's the green indicating the warmer air on the way. now, the flood watch hab dropped -- has been dropped. we're going to get heavy rounds of rain. but below criteria. we have coastal flood advisories in effect.
4:24 pm
for the combination of heavy rain at times. and also easterly winds. but out to the west, this is where we're still having winter issues. as far as winds go, they've really picked up out of the east. and that's pushing a lot of this water up against the western shoreline here, in addition to the rain that's coming down. and temperature-wise, we're in the 40s. dew points above freezing this. is in the form of rain for most of us. out west, it's already 34 in cumberland. 35 in oakland. we've topped out so far at 34 degrees. but those are going to go up a few more degrees, before we drop somewhat overnight. but we're staying somewhat overnight. we're not going to cool down very much. you notice out to the west here. here's the main low here, driving this entire system. and although the bulk of the moisture leaves us tonight, that low is still hanging back. and with it close enough tomorrow into thursday, it's still going to factor into our weather. and the way it works out for us is to the north of us tomorrow, we're close enough. the slightest chance for a shower. but it's going to bump up that
4:25 pm
warm air. and a few peaks of sunshine. on thursday, when the low swings by, the cold air up to the north is coming our way. and we could see rain or snow showers. on the waters, we saw small craft advisories in effect through late tonight. they turn around to the southwest, though. tonight, rain. they'll be breezy outside. 40 for our low. we don't drop all that much. and tomorrow, we go up to 57 degrees. a breezy day. and a slightest chance for a shower. colder air comes in as we head toward the weekend, for the beginning of, believe it or not, march. >> that's right. >> that's right. friday. way above average. kind of teasing people. spring is closer. >> march tells us that. thanks, bern. don't miss the cbs primetime lineup. it's the series premiere of the police drama, golden boy, followed by eyewitness news at 11:00. lots more ahead on wjz at 4:30. announcements from the vatican
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today, about pope benedict xvi's future in the catholic church. it's one of the world's deadliest ballooning accidents. we'llup date the -- [ male announcer ] so there's lots of people out there who aren't happy with their internet. [ spokesman ] are you lindsay? yes... did you say "my internet's so slow it's like a car with no gas"? yes... [ male announcer ] well lindsay, you're about to get
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it's 4:29. 42 degrees and rainy in central maryland. hello, everyone. thanks for staying with eyewitness news. i'm vic carter! and i'm denise koch. here's what people are talking about. >> at least 19 people are dead after a hot air balloon crashes in egypt. as tina kraus reports for wjz, the balloon burst into flames just before it landed. >> reporter: rescuers took away another body from the site of the crash in luxor. a hot air balloon, carrying at least 20 tourists, caught fire and plunged into a sugar cane
4:30 pm
field. this witness says he saw the pilot and a tourist, jump out of the basket, as the balloon was going down. investigators say at least 19 people died when the balloon fell 1,000 feet to the ground. u.s. photographer, christopher michelle, snapped these photos before joining tourists on the early morning balloon trip over the luxor sites. he was riding in another balloon, about to land when the accident happened. >> we heard a loud explosion behind you us. and i looked back and saw lots of smoke. >> reporter: egyptian investigators say the fire started when a landing cable got caught around a healing tube. then the gas cannister exploded. authorities say no manners were -- americans were involved. most were from europe and asia. the pilot and one tourist survived. egypt suspended all hot air balloon flights until investigators determine exactly what happened.
4:31 pm
tina kraus, wjz eyewitness news. >> hot air balloon crashes have happened in luxor before. 16 people were hurt four years ago, when a balloon came down, after hitting a communications tower. >> today marks the one-year anniversary of florida teen trayvon martin's death. the incident generated huge outrage across the country. and shined a light on the controversial stand your ground law. >> reporter: that's right. on the anniversary of the killing of the unarmed florida teen, trayvon martin, there is now a renewed fight over the stand your ground law that could make his killer, george zimmerman, a free man. it says a person may use force and self-defense when there is reason to believe there is a threat. zimmerman claimed self-defense. late last week, a task commission delivered its final report, supporting the stand your ground law. >> we do feel that we have
4:32 pm
become spokespersons for senseless violence. and just to have our son's life taken away from us. and what he meant to us was the world. so for us to go out and advocate for other parents, other voiceless people, it means a great deal, not only to us. but it means a great deal to the community. >> zimmerman's legal team says they'll argue, not stand your ground, but basic self-defense. back to you. >> community leaders in florida met today to discuss the upcoming stand your ground hearing. baltimore examiner continues to examine the remains found in a wooded area behind overly -- overleah high school. now they will determine a cause. death. police are asking anyone with information to contact police.
4:33 pm
pope benedict is preparing for his final address as pope tomorrow. today, the vatican answered some questions about his future. vinita nayer -- vinita nair reports for wjz. >> reporter: he will still be able to keep his name, benedict xvi and will be known as emertus pope. his dress will also change a bit. >> he will wear a simple white cassette. a simple point will be the shoes. they will no longer be the red shoes have you seen him wear. but he has chose tone keep brown shoes. >> reporter: the pope was given the brown shoes when he went to mexico last year. >> pope benedict does not want to in any way steal a millimeter of the limelight away from his successor. >> reporter: 50,000 tickets have been requested for the pope's final audience here at st. peter's square tomorrow. the vatican says he will be
4:34 pm
driven around so people can see him. then he will go to the platform and give his last talk. >> i expect it will be a great day of emotion. i don't know whether we'll see it on his face. the pope is very good at controlling himself in public. >> reporter: benedict gave cardinals the go ahead monday to move up the ceremony to elect the next pope. the cardinals plan to set a date for the process when they meet monday. vinita nair, the vatican. >> 180 cardinals are expected for the next conclave. john hichgly's -- hinckley's attorney is asking that he'll be able to spend more time with his mother in williamsburg, virginia. over the years, he's been granted overnight visits, lasting up to 10 days. now, attorneys want those visits even longer. hinckley was found not guilty by reason of insanity in the
4:35 pm
1991 reagan assassination attempt. there are flee days left -- three days left before automatic across the board spending cuts kick in. the president is taking his message on the road. while republicans in congress are accusing him of scare tactics. >> reporter: president obama warned workers at virginia's newport shipyard, they may have to stay home without pay, if congress doesn't step in to stop automatic budget cuts. >> this work, along with hundreds of thousands of jobs, are currently in jeopardy because of politics in washington. >> reporter: the cuts, set to take place march 1st, will take a $46 billion chunk out of the defense budget. shipyards are preparing for the worst. >> if i'm one of those that gets laid off, trying to figure out how i would continue to go and earn my money to pay for college. >> reporter: if congress and
4:36 pm
the president can't come up with a budget compromise, it's not just big navy ship builders who will be affected. those automatic cuts are expected to trickle down. pedro alfonso employs 2600 workers to install communications fiber. he's already been notified some of his government contracts will be put on hold. >> we thought sequestration wouldn't happen. no way it could happen. they're going to solve this. all of a sudden, it becomes real. >> reporter: house republicans are pointing their finger at the president. >> where is the president's plan to avoid this sequestration? have you seen one? i haven't seen one. all i've heard is that he wants to raise taxes again. >> reporter: the president wants to see a mix of new tax revenue and targeted spending cuts. republicans promised to raise taxes in the fiscal cliff last month. and they say that's enough. in washington, danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. now, a research poll shows six out of 10 americans think
4:37 pm
the cut will have a negative effect on the economy. voters enter the polls in chicago to reformer congressman jesse jackson, jr. the primary comes three months after jackson resigned, after being treated for a bipolar disorder. he pled guilty last week to misusing campaign money. he could face up to five years in prison when he is sentenced. turnout is low. rain is starting to arrive. and it's going to be sticking around for a while. but sea gulls at fort mchenry don't seem to mind very much, the wet conditions. trust me. they're out there somewhere at fort mchenry. the sea gulls we're talking about. wjz has weather and traffic together. bob is here with the updated numbers from first warning weather. >> i think the sea gulls may be in chicago now. we missed them. luckily, no heavy rain. no flood watches anymore. take a look at radar. we had batches of rain move
4:38 pm
through the region. right now, the heaviest activity. it's moderate rain down there. you folks will see some heavier showers in the next hour or two. but we're going to look for a rainy night tonight. and it will get windy. in fact, winds go up to 25 to 30 miles an hour. and because of that east wind on the western side of the bay, we have a coastal flood advisory. and in far western maryland, it's just cold enough, above 2,000 feet, we're seeing ice building up on some of the trees and wires and roads. watch out, out there. particularly from frostburg west, through late tonight. they can still see additional accumulations of freezing rain and each a little sleet. denise? >> thank you, bob. let's check on the roads now with kristy breslin with wjz traffic control. things are very slow out there at this point. traveling on the top side inner loop. we have significant delays now from stevenson road. and they go around to harford. you're going to be moving at only about 25 miles an hour in some areas. as far as the west side inner loop goes, that delay has also expanded. it's now from 95 over to
4:39 pm
liberty road. northbound, 95. stop and go there from 32 over to 195. and we have a slew of new accidents. holburton avenue at fearless. moravia road at bel air road. bel air at clear spring. edmondson avenue at swan avenue. also, eastord nance at richie highway. let's take a live look. as you can see, nothing moving too quickly. that's a look at 70. and we can also take another live look. you can see, things are moving. a slower pace there on the beltway at york road. this is brought to you by bill's carpet, hardwood and laminate, too. you can call them at 1-877-75- bills. back to you. >> thank you, kristy. straight ahead on eyewitness news at 4:00. breast cancer is striking women at younger ages. the story coming up in healthwatch. what caused this dangerous situation in mexico? and we could see heavier rain. don't miss yao your updated forecast coming up.
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a wild accident in texas sends an suv crashing through the roofs of two homes. the driver was apparently speeding down this road, missed the curb. he went airborne, flew through a fence, crashed into one roof and flipped over into the roof next door. no one was hurt in the accident. but houston police are investigating if the driver was influence. a hit-and-run sets off a gas leak. an unknown vehicle slammed a jeep into another vehicle. the crash damaged a store, shearing off the top of the gasline, causing a leak. that turned into a fire. firefighters contained the flames and turned off one of the gavels -- valves. police are looking for the driver who abandoned the car. a new york city man is arrested after he is accused of trying to kill his wife with a meat cleaver. as weijia jiang reports for wjz, that man is undergoing a psychiatric investigation.
4:44 pm
>> reporter: caught with a meat cleaver. 28-year-old min gone hong, sliced his wife with a meat cleaver. >> it was very scary. yes, i saw everything. >> reporter: joanne fong watched the bloody crime unfold sunday, at 10:30 a.m., in front of her business, fong's trading company. >> right in front of my face. >> reporter: where the attack happened right here may have saved the victim's life. look across canal street. it's the chinatown fire department unit. and those outside heard the screams and came rushing out. >> he pulled the cleaver out of his waistband and started hacking at this woman. >> reporter: jose ortiz and another firefighter, seen here on surveillance video, pouncing on wong, though subduing him was not easy. >> i rushed him. i am trying to grab the cleaver, but he's swinging. i would guess 6, 8, maybe 10 times. he pit the woman in the head. >> reporter: as they pinned wong down, the victim took off running into a restaurant. and so did firefighter shane clark, who followed her with a portable medical kit.
4:45 pm
he treated the 23-year-old woman for several injuries, though a language barrier presented a challenge. >> she was very panicked. and she was sort of afraid of us. so she kept walking down the block. we could see she had a very deep cut in the back of her head. >> reporter: the victim is expected to survive. rirelief says this shop keeper, not used to seeing as much brutality. and frankly, a shock, given the protesque nature of what happened to her. >> reporter: the man's wife is in critical but stable condition at a local hospital. white, victims and their loved ones remembered the 20th attack. >> dozens attend a ceremony at the 9/11 11 memorial. they exrved a moment of silence at 12:18 p.m. the time when a truck bomb was detonated below the north tower in 1993. six people were killed and more
4:46 pm
than 1,000 others injured in the bombing. it was the first-ever terrorist attack on u.s. soil. six islamic extremists were convicted of carrying out that effect. >> khalid sheikh mohammed funded the 9/11 attack. he has claimed to be the mastermind behind the 9/11 bombings. they were evacuated in august after a sinkhole appeared in a baton rouge bayou. it's over 300 feet in diameter. and 50 feet deep. in one corner, it goes down farther than 400 feet. experts believe it was caused by the collapse of a salt water cavern that is continuing to fall apart. well, the number of young teen drivers killed in car accidents rises. in 25 states, including maryland. that is according to a report from the governor's highway safety association. four 16- to 17-year-old maryland drivers died in car accidents in the first half of 2012, compared to two in the
4:47 pm
same period in 2011. deaths of young drivers went up a combined 19% in the u.s. well, today in healthwatch, breast cancer cases are growing among younger women. the findings are even more troubling because younger women tend to have aggressive cancer and lower survival rates. marley hall reports for wjz from new york. more women are being diagnosed with advanced breast cancer at an early age. >> scary. it's definitely very scary. but something to be aware of. >> reporter: a new study in the journal of the american medical association finds a small but significant increase in advanced breast cancer among women in their 20s and 30s. researchers found the rate has gone up each year since 1976. >> ideally, you'd like to see that number go down and not up. >> young women tend to have more aggressive forms of the disease than older women and have lower survival rates.
4:48 pm
>> 2 thowrt,000 women are diagnosed with breast -- 230,000 women in the u.s. are diagnosed with it every year. there are no recommended age screenings for that age group. >> reporter: experts say younger women usually don't know anything is wrong until they can actually feel the lump, a sign that the tumor is advanced. >> women really have to pay attention to their physical exams. they should not ignore it, bring it to a doctor's attention. >> elaine already gets mammograms because of her family's history. >> that's scary. you don't think of it coming into people like that. >> researchers say more studies need to be done to figure out why the numbers are going up. in new york, marley hall, wjz eyewitness news. >> and the study also found that the breast cancer incident incidents increased in all races and ethnicities. lightning strikes a gas
4:49 pm
line. crews say the electricity ignighted gas. houses were evacuated for several hours. when the gas line was shut off. no one was hurt. an indiana teenager's work ethic is paying off in big ways today. last week, 18-year-old jaqueel reagan had a job interview 10 miles away, but no way to get there. so he decided to walk. a local business owner saw him on the road and decided to offer him a job a lot closer to home. and that's not all. another town official heard his story and decided to award him a year's worth of bus passes. >> good for him. after several days on the lam, a missing bald eagle returns to the zoo. sequoia wandered off during a flying exercise. after three days tracking her, the eagle's handlers were finally able to lure her back with treats. this isn't sequoia's first time leaving the zoo. she has wandered off eight times in the past 20 years. zoo worker says she always eventually comes back. >> maybe she needs a friend.
4:50 pm
an eagle friend, i mean. >> or maybe just freedom. we're expecting heavy rain across the region. >> don't miss bob's updated first warning weather forecast coming up next.
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
well, a little afternoon, a few of you may have seen a few minutes -- and i mean just a few minutes, of some sleet in the region, as cold air came down. but it's warmed up considerably. well above freezing. and we're just getting rain. and it will be rainy tonight. probably ending between let's say 10:00 and midnight, late tonight. if you're heading out, take the
4:53 pm
umbrella. it's going to be a wet night. and windy as well. take a look at temps now. east winds, 16. 42 degrees. but the dew point is way up there now at 38. well above freezing. 85% humidity. barometer just beginning to fall. 29.97 inches. as low pressure approaches from the south. 43 in d.c. 45, pax river. the problem area is garrett county. 28. getting freezing rain. freezing drizzle and some sleet. particularly above the 2,000- foot level. they're getting some accumulations on the trees and wires and roads. so that's where we had the problems. cumberland out 36. a little sleet in that region. but most everybody else, just well above freezing with rain in the area. 39 in westminster. and low 40s down by the bay. east winds. and that will continue and also going to continue to push the water to the western side of the bay. so from harford county, down to the western side of the bay, all the way down, we're expecting tides to run 1 foot above normal this evening and later tonight. to the west, yeah, it's still
4:54 pm
breezy. winds tomorrow may make a bit of a change. as two little areas of low pressure. one over the carolinas. and one that has caused a blizzard out in the portion of midwest. that's heading towards michigan. this is heading up toward the southern end of the bay, taking all of the rain with it. but we've got warm air coming from the atlantic ocean. that is what is giving us just rain here. but some elevations, cold enough for some of that frozen precip. majority in the form of freezing rain. particularly in pennsylvania. you can see some areas picking up a tenth of an inch of ice already. freezing rain and snow across michigan. and they'll get snow. northern new england could pick up 5 to 7 inches. for us tomorrow, once the snow passes. milder air coming in briefly. then slowly but surely, some colder air coming in for the end of the week. and it will get down to pretty much normal temperatures. maybe a brief shower thursday if cold air comes in aloft. south winds tonight. and small craft advisory. until late tonight. and a bay temp around 38
4:55 pm
degrees. so overnight tonight, some rain ending by before midnight. 38. a chilly, damp night. but look at this. sun and clouds. a very mild day. breezy and warmer. 58 degrees for a few hours. then it drops back down in the 40s. and it will be generally in the 40s to near 50 on thursday. >> that's okay. we're getting closer and closer to spring. >> and march could be like a lamb. >> -- >> i mean. >> well, it is friday. won't be that. >> there you go. that's lamb like. thank you, bob. still to come on eyewitness news tonight. two people found shot in the head in a burning car. i'm adam may. now we're learning, one of the victims lived on this quiet street here in baltimore. and her parents, very well known in
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
coming up next on wjz eyewitness news at 5:00. wet weather is tracking a lot. more than a dozen johns hopkins employees are sickened on the job. i'm jessica kartalija. what spread through the building that may have caused the illness? coming up. i'm derek valcourt in odenton, where folks are bracing for the impact the sequester cuts will have to areas like this that depend on the military. what those cuts will mean for maryland, coming up on eyewitness news. check in for more on these stories and all the day's breaking news. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 starts now.
4:59 pm
mystery illness. over a dozen people rushed to the hospital. >> the search for clues in a north baltimore office building. >> hi. i'm kai jackson. and i'm mary bubala. here's what people are talking about. a caotic scene in north baltimore today. hazmat crews rush to the hopkins keswick complex. several people are hospital biezed. -- hospitalized. but the reason why is still not known. jessica kartalija has more on what happened.

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